Initiative Insight
Email Marketing | Higher Education

The Backstory | Twice a year our client (a Postgraduate institution) reached out to students who had taken a standardized test in pursuit of graduate school admission. The client traditionally marketed itself via a number of channels, but given the pervasive and low-cost nature of email marketing, much of their effort had shifted into the digital world.

Looking to maximize both the number and quality of applications to the program, Tailoj was enlisted to run their campaign. Tailoj focused on redeveloping their current email campaign and determining a list of best practices for the institution’s future digital communication.

What Set Us Apart | Because of our years of experience and the millions of emails Tailoj sends annually, we were able to hit the ground running with an effective base email campaign. Then, by working with our Statistical Design partners at Nobi, we were able to augment each individual email send into 268 variations, testing 2,048 individual variables simultaneously utilizing a proprietary multi-variant test.

The numbers are daunting, generating 268 versions of a single email and then randomly sending those emails a list of contacts all while ensuring the 2,000+ variables are being implemented and testing would put most email marketing teams over the edge. With regard to the data analysis, many would have had no idea where to start. Delivering valid, correct data was especially crucial—had a glitch caused an irreversible problem, months of effort would’ve been wasted.

The Results | By sending the emails immediately after the standardized test scores were released to the institution, we were able to attract top quality applicants, but would they enroll? While not a factor of the original test, the client determined that ultimately enrollment was the most important metric. This meant we needed to wait for final enrolment numbers to become official, six months after the initial send.

In the end we saw across-the-board improvement over previous years performance. With enrolment numbers by variation improving between one- and 168-percent, we were able to deliver an average of 60-percent improvement of email based academic enrolments.

(234kb .pdf file)

How it Relates | Email marketing is equal parts art and science and while this campaign was specific to Higher Education Enrolments, this tactic has applications in any industry. Unlike traditional A/B split testing, results can be tested for virtually any metric, utilizing any variable and winning results can be implemented after just a single send.