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Email Marketing | Retail

The Backstory | After dividing their retail organization into two separate parts, our client came to us to run and expand their email marketing campaigns. While they had a large list (10,000 subscribers), because of their new company name and unfettered sends; they saw their email list size shrinking each week instead of growing.

What Set Us Apart | Tailoj took a three step approach to correcting the email campaign. The first step was to familiarize the email list subscribers with the company’s new name. We sent out several emails inviting subscribers to the clients new website and included a discount code for their first order. The second step was to analyze how subscribers were using the email to determine what type of retail product they were most interested in buying (new full priced merchandise vs. closeout merchandise) and what categories of merchandise they were buying. The final step was redeveloping the emails from the ground up to present the product in the best possible way. This included exhaustive A/B split testing examining send day and time, subject line, colors, feature product type and pricing details.

The Results | Ultimately, before the split testing was completed; we were able to stop the client’s email list from shrinking and get many of the customers to come and visit the newly rebranded website. Within 30-day the clients email list began to grow, though opens, clicks and conversion had not improved. By redeveloping the email and implementing extensive split testing, we were able to slowly increase the emails performance, a trend that continues to this day. The email originally garnered a 5% open rate with a 1.2% click rate. Today the email is going out to more than 50,000 subscribers, with a 22% open rate and a 8.6% click rate- the difference of 10,500 opens and more than 4,000 clicks on each send.

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How it Relates | Each email list behaves very differently than any other. By continually testing best practices any email performance can be improved. Retail emails may have the most immediately realized ROI, but these practices and testing methodologies can be applied to any email campaign. By also examining email design and subscriber use, the effect of the email can also be improved resulting in long-term sustainable gains.