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Print-On-Demand | Retail

The Backstory | A client with a cyclical product cycle was looking for a cost effective way to reach past customers alerting them to product availability. In the past the client had required their Account Executives to reach out to their customers individually—a winning strategy, but only if the Account Executives actually did the work.

What Set Us Apart | Tailoj initially worked with the client to implement an direct mail campaign on behalf of the Account Executives, with great success. By giving past customers an easy way to re-purchase products, repeat customers sales were up. However, the cost of individual direct mail campaigns was higher than the client liked and they were looking for a way to Improve ROI.

Tailoj worked to design a ‘shell’ of a product reminder—a printed piece that could be easily customized with the pertinent information. This shell was printed in a 12-month supply and each month the interiors would be customized, printed and mailed at a fraction of an individual campaign’s cost.

The Results | By reducing the cost of the Direct Mail Campaign, Tailoj was able to increase profits for the client and continue repeat sales increases. The shell had to be creatively designed to work for all current and future products while still being engaging. After 12-months the clients repeat sales were up by 26% (over pre-direct mail sales) and the Print-on-Demand campaign saved 34% over the traditional direct mail campaign.

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How it Relates | Print-On-Demand (POD) is a new way of thinking about your print projects. By grouping your projects together, clients in any industry can save money and extend their marketing reach. While POD can be very complicated, Tailoj is well versed in ensuring that your project executes flawlessly each time.