Initiative Insight
Pay Per Click | Retail

The Backstory | Our client has an existing Pay Per Click campaign on the major networks—and at the time most of their campaigns had been in existence for more than 8 years. The client came to Tailoj because at the beginning their campaigns made them money, but as competition and pricing for PPC advertising rose, there profits dwindled, eventually disappearing.

What Set Us Apart | The client had a unique problem in that their product line had an extremely short life cycle and tens-of-thousands of items to market. By evaluating the popularity of their products and determining which to focus our marketing efforts on, we were able to break their existing campaigns into functional pieces. Once we had the functioning pieces we began to augment the clients existing data and build out new keywords—more than 2.9 million new keywords by the time we were finished. These new keywords were grouped and their performance was evaluated based on nations, regional and statewide performance. Once this data remained consistent, we further split the campaigns into regional groups to ease the management of a now grandiose campaign.

The Results | The client was clear with their goals at the outset of the project, a minimum of 400% ROI was the bare minimum we had to achieve. The kicker was that the campaign was currently averaging about a 235% ROI.

By micro-managing the campaign we were able to effectively correct ineffectual spend quickly, and divert budget and build out to top performing regions and keywords. We quickly realized a campaign wide ROI in excess of 750%, with top performing keywords achieving ROI’s in excess of 1,300%.

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How it Relates | Pay Per Click ads were all-the-rage in pre-recession advertising, as consumers began to control their buying, unfettered ad spend could no longer be justified. In today’s economy, carful management of campaigns is crucial and by carefully selecting keywords, high ROI’s can still be realized.