Initiative Insight
Promotional Products | Consumer/Retail Banking

The Backstory | A large regional bank was expanding it’s retail presence into a new geographic area and wanted to generate buzz and collect potential customers’ contact information allowing them to directly market their banking products. The client was looking for an innovative ‘hook’ that would drive consumers online while in some way compensating these consumers for going online and entering their information.

What Set Us Apart | Tailoj has a history in the promotional products industry and we had the perfect solution. By utilizing a newer promotional product; Music Download Cards- we would be able to drive traffic to a specialized website that greeted consumers, presented information about the institution and prompted the user to enter their contact information. After this was completed the user was emailed a link to a custom music store, which allowed the participant to choose from more than 5-million songs to download.

The Results | The banking institution was thrilled with the promotion, not only was the cost lower than a traditional promotional product, but they were actually able to drive traffic to a website and collect contact information. In the end, the contact information was used to contact participants and invite them into the newly opened locations and provide information about the products they offered.

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How it Relates | This type of promotion can be used in any industry and truly harnesses the power of the internet into a promotional product. While traditional promotional products passively advertise the brand, digital promotions engage your target market with lower than average cost.