Website Design | Business
Website Design | Business

The Backstory | With an already functioning website, our client came to us asking what they could do to improve their presence on the web. Tailoj asked what they liked and what they did not like about their website. With a rather complicated product, and a long-range sales cycle, the client could not come up with many things they actually liked about their site. What they didn’t like? The list was long. From the dated look to the lake of easily updated content, to the site’s load time- complaints abounded. What’s worse, the client was concerned that navigation was complicated and their customers were not finding the information they needed and left the site without a clear picture of what our client did.

What Set Us Apart | Tailoj was approached to simply reorganize and revamp the clients website, but on further review of the underlying architecture and content, we decided to start from scratch. Working with the client to look into how their visitors used the site, we began to craft new content and user paths that would inform and educate the user in a quick and efficient manner. From a technical perspective, Tailoj abandoned the templateized site that was in place in favor of a customized solution that was both clean and lightweight—decreasing load time and increasing site performance. In addition, Tailoj designed the new site accounting for modern Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques helping to bring more ‘organic’ visitors to the website.

The Results | Immediately after the site was launched new visitors started flowing into the site, and one of our clients long term contacts exclaimed “I finally get what you do!” A five-minute visit to the new website did what years of conversations had not. From an SEO perspective, the site continues to climb in the rankings and ‘organic visitors’ are on the rise. Tailoj is continuing to work with the client to build out Case Studies, News Room Articles, and refine content to further improve SEO Rankings and user experience.

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How it Relates | Effective web design is universal, by developing a user experience that delivers what the visitor is looking for, your organization will more readily achieve its goals. Good design and user experience are universal and can be applied to any organization’s website.