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The Backstory | A single attorney law firm specializing in divorce was looking to build a website. However, the client was initially skeptical about what a website could actually do for the business as the attorney believed, especially in the area of Family Law, that potential clients rely on word of mouth more than internet searches.

What Set Us Apart | Tailoj approached the situation carefully as the client had no desire make a real investment into a modern web presence. Because of this, we discussed a bare-bones approach--- a simple easy to construct and edit website that would give them a place for people to find them online at a minimum cost.

The Results | As the simple design and construction project progressed, the client began to see the power of a website and the project evolved from 1-page into five. After the Website launched our client begin getting comments from clients and perspective clients about how great their site looked and functioned.

They contacted Tailoj once again to explain the SEO (search engine optimization) options we had discussed with them at the project’s outset. Because of the interest that the basic site piqued, the client invested in building out the site’s architecture and fully developing the site for SEO optimization.

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How it Relates | A website, properly constructed, is a powerful tool for reaching your clients and delivering your message. By working with a company that is versed in web development, user interface design and search engine optimization—you will reach more people in an effective and meaningful way, simplifying your sales process.