Broadcast Media

In the middle of the last century, perhaps the greatest marketing tool of all time became a permanent fixture in our homes. The Television exposed the world to life outside their communities and brought previously unknown brands into America's living room.

In the early 2010's television is at the crux of a paradigm shift as shortsighted advertisers have fled the channel for Internet ads. Even in today's economy, television and radio ads can be a powerful addition to any marketing campaign.

The Tailoj approach focuses on carefully selected demographic based metrics to source and purchase broadcast media for our clients. By purchasing small selected regions or cable channels at optimal times, we are able to fine-tune our client's exposure-- ensuring a smaller, but more interested party is reached.

As a service to our clients, Tailoj has partnered with a bevy of experts in the video and audio production world to ensure your ads come across in an effective and professional manner.


Why work with Tailoj instead of the cable/radio companies?

Tailoj is versed in the broadcast world and we are able to process the broadcast companies metrics into useful data that we can use to make the right choice for your brand-- it's as simple as an effective campaign and a campaign that does not achieve your goal.