Direct Mail

4-percent. The standard direct mail response rate that marketers have pointed to for decades as the gold standard in direct mail.

For a small consumer brand, what is the goal of a direct mail campaign? A sales catalyst? An inventory reduction method? Or, simply a way to stay in contact with your customers?

Each month Tailoj direct mail campaigns reach more than 100,000 households. Our clients rely on out ability to develop, design, print, mail an monitor campaigns that are the lifeline of their business.

Effective direct mail campaigns, do not only drive sales, or drive customers into stores, but also remind your customers of your brand.

For example, one Tailoj client works as a fulfillment agent for other online brands. When the customer's package arrives, they are seeing our clients name for the first time-- over the next six months, that customer will receive several reminders of the brand, and multiple product listings.

Originally, the client had determined these direct mail campaigns to be ineffective. However, after dropping the campaign for 2 months, sales revenue was down more than 20%-- revenue that returned as soon as the campaign was reinstated.

Don't Have A Mailing List?

Tailoj also specializes in correctly sourcing client mailing lists based on who your target customers are. With a targeted campaign your valuable marketing dollars and your response rate are well protected.

We work with several vendors that provide the best quality lists for both Business and Consumer based direct mail marketing efforts.