Email Marketing

Many clients that come to Tailoj for email marketing have just been suspended by their email marketing provider, or worse had their domain blacklisted by one or more ISPs.

Don't wait- allow Tailoj to develop a comprehensive email marketing campaign that compliments your overarching marketing strategies, protects your reputation and generates a new or expands your revenue stream.

2 in 5 people have hit the 'SPAM' button on even their favorite brands. To that end, even more people nearly 67% of people have unsubscribed from a known brand's email list.

Why? Several reasons, including lack of interesting information, over communication, poor construction, and now in the Blackberry/iPhone world-- poor design.

Tailoj strives to understand the wants and needs of your customer base and then recommends the appropriate solutions for your brand. No strategy is the same, but with our wide range of experience we are able to implement best practices and continually tweak your campaigns for optimal performance.

A/B Split Testing
To propel your email campaigns above your competitions, Tailoj will test email versions for each send, establishing baselines and testing new ideas. In some cases we will test color schemes, in others subject lines, and in others send day/time. This is a small sampling of the variables that we will test-- but these simple tests have shown in excess of 50% growth for our some of out clients.

Email Marketing Providers

Tailoj does not send the actual emails; we leave that to the experts. Tailoj works with several email marketing providers that have close relationships with the major Internet Service Providers, ensuring our clients’ emails are delivered without interruption. They do the heavy lifting with the ISP's so we can focus on getting our clients results.

Based on your needs and budget, Tailoj can suggest a provider and in some cases offer you a discount on their advertised pricing, just ask us.