Mobile Marketing

Cell Phones are an amazingly effective way to communicate with your customers. From mobile web ads, texted specials and QR-codes, to smart phone apps, the mobile market is the new frontier in digital marketing.

Many brands ignored the Internet when it first came around. In fact, one very popular retail chain, just recently celebrated its 11-year web-iversary—having launched their online retail presence only in 2000. Think of all of the sales that retail giant missed out on, and all the catch-up they had to do to re-establish themselves.

Will consumers buy a sofa, legal services or event tickets from their cell phone? Most will not. But will consumers go online, or stop by your location to discuss your specials, or new services you have to offer? In increasing numbers, consumers are. So by jumping into mobile media now, you can get a leg up on your competition and communicate with your customers they way they like to communicate.