Outdoor Advertising

Many businesses think that Billboards are only for national brands and car companies--- and when it comes to the Spectaculars in Times Square, they are probably correct. That said, many smaller companies can easily afford local billboards that get great attention from locals and commuters alike.

Besides billboards, there are many outdoor channels that, while largely unknown are very effective ways to reach your target markets. Tailoj has worked with clients to arrange car wraps, bus wraps, cab toppers, transit station displays and many more—giving the brands we represent to interact with hundreds of thousands of new and interested consumers.

Often times buying Outdoor adverting can be confusing with metrics, statistics and a host of numbers being thrown at the buyer. Tailoj will take all this data and boil it down into an easy to understand report that gives you control to make decisions that will impact your business.

This all sounds too expensive?

Tailoj has the ability to augment your budget into a first class outdoor campaign that will show your brand in the best light possible.