Pay Per Click Advertising

In the late 1990’s when Pay Per Click advertising started on Google and what is now Yahoo, all a company had to do was bid a few cents on a short list of keywords and a seemingly unending stream of customers flooded their sites to buy products and services.

A decade later, the competition on the Search Networks is insurmountable with some keywords costing more than $50.00 per click.

The way that ads are displayed has also changed- no longer is it just the highest bidders that get displayed, complex algorithms of words, quality, bids and other factors determine the other in which ads are displayed.

Tailoj currently manages accounts with more than 750,000 keywords and phrases, directing quality traffic from both search and content networks to our clients’ sites. At Tailoj, we are able to work with your team and product offering to create targeted keyword lists that will help drive traffic to your site.

Already Have A Campaign?

Tailoj will conduct an audit of your existing campaign to determine the areas that are making you money. Then we take those winning principals and apply them across all of your keywords to boost your overall performance.