Social Media

With 750-Million active users on Facebook, and more than 100-Million Twitter users social media has a firm hold on the global population. These social networks boast amazing usage statistics and often users are addicted to their newsfeeds (how many times have you checked Facebook today?)

As Facebook and Twitter have grown in popularity, the options for brands to communicate with the public have become simple and inexpensive.

However, as even the big brands have found out, the information they publish to their followers must be relevant, interesting, and not too frequent. The balance of communication and information is imperative to the success of a Social Media campaign and many online brands are still struggling to find equilibrium.

From custom landing pages and content creation, to subscription promotions, Tailoj is able to work with you to establish or expand upon on your social presence.

Social Networks By The Numbers

Facebook | 700-Million Users
Twitter | 200-Million Users
LinkedIn | 116-Million Users
Google+ | 24 Million Users