Web Media

Web based ads are a quick and easy way to dive huge amounts of traffic to you’re your website. But is it the right traffic? In many cases, the un-targeted traffic your web ads drive is a waste of resources.

By targeting the right websites, geo-locations and tailoring promotions and the content of your ads, you can drive the ‘right’ traffic to your site. By driving the correct people to your site, your overall page views may go down, but your conversion rate is likely to increase – no more wasted traffic.

Today, there are more than 266-million websites on the Internet and while many do not offer advertising, many more do. Which website should you choose for your ads? Tailoj has a long history in web media buying and we will work with you to define the correct target market and will choose a bevy of website groupings to determine the correct positioning for you.

Going Local?

Tailoj can recommend great web ad options that will help you reach only the customers in your immediate area. From geo-targeted ads to local interest sites, there are great options that already capture people your are looking for.