Promotional Products

Putting your brand on a promotional item is a powerful way to build loyalty with your current clientele and to help find new customers. To be effective your promotions should work with your marketing campaigns and make sense for your target—not just be a cool new novelty.

Unfortunately, we have seen countless promotional campaigns fail because they were not developed or executed correctly—in many cases a Promo Rep was more interested in his commission than his clients success.

At Tailoj, we are a Marketing/Advertising firm first, meaning we always work with our clients to find a promotional product that correctly caters to the needs and desires of their target market taking the first step towards a successful promotion.

Branded Corporate Gifts

Throughout the year you may require branded items for your employees, top clients or even vendors. Tailoj will work with you and your staff to find an item that is sure to be appreciated.

Many companies are also on the lookout for branded logo wear—not a problem, Tailoj works with the best apparel companies in the country to deliver good looking, high quality clothing that your employees will be proud to wear.

Need A Promotional Product?
Instead of just offering you a boring catalog of products, we prefer to discuss your needs and goals and customize an exciting list of product that will help you realize your goals. Contact us to find out what we can do for you>>>
Promotions in the Digital Age:
Many people think that technology killed the promotional product. They were almost correct. But, a select few promotional products have kept up with the digital age by morphing promotional products into a promotional process. By harnessing the power of the internet, Brands can now interact with their target market while they are getting their reward.

The recipient of the promotional product simply goes to the URL printed on the product (or sent to their mobile device) to get their real reward. The user can be prompted to respond to survey questions, sign up for email lists and more. A digital promotion allows you to turn up the value of your promotion without adding to the cost of your campaign.