Public Relations

Often ignored, effective Public Relations allow brands to manage and define their image for publics around the world. At Tailoj, the ‘Press Release’ PR strategy that many is implemented by many organizations, has been carefully re-designed and crafted to work with the communication channels of today.

At Tailoj we utilize a three-step approach to assess and fulfill our clients needs. Our approach is broken into three steps which give allow our professionals to fully understand your Brand’s perception within the public before we offer a plan to move your brand forward.

The First Step | Survey

By taking the time at the beginning of our process to understand how are clients are perceived and to identify any trouble areas that may exist. In past surveys, our team has identified customer service issues and misconceptions in the public that our clients were unaware of -- helping us to address all of issues facing our client.

The Second Step | Correct

By understanding, all of the issues that our client is facing we can take steps to make corrections and implement a strategy to prevent those issues from resurfacing. Occasionally, we will work with customer service teams to implement revised training programs, with product development teams to correct quality issues and with management to address over arching problems.

The Third Step | Define

In the third and final step, Tailoj will work with you to define your desired public image. By defining your ideal perception, we are able to craft specific strategies to archive your goal. Tailoj will work to communicate with both the public and the media to garner placements that highlight your brand and your employees.

While the public image of a brand is often ignored in favor of ROI based marketing activities, at Tailoj we ask our clients to invest in their public image as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Press Releases

A Press Release, in its simplest terms, is a news worthy story written to be press ready and to entice an editor to publish an article on the topic.

Media Placement

A Media Placement is each time your organization appears in a publication or third party website. These placements, which are the result of successful PR, are unpaid inclusions of the brand in a feature story.

Social Media

In today’s constant communication network, social media is a quick way to deal with customer service and educate the public about what you have to offer. Social Media Site’s are sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or the newcomer Google+.

Press Kits

There is a lot of information that your organization has to offer news outlets and a Press Kit takes all of this information, putting it in a simple easy to digest package.


Mailed, Emailed, Faxed, or Tweeted, newsletters are cyclical communications keeping your customers in the loop on new product offerings, sales and more.

Crisis Communications

If the worst were to happen, and the media came knocking on your door, would you be ready to answer questions? A clear crisis plan gives you piece of mind and should be included in every PR Strategy.